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Can anyone tell me some good journals or stories for Battlestar Galactica.....Im looking for new things to read.

Fanfic challenge...request...whatever

As I said in my profile, I love fan fiction stories.I go through moods, basically getting attached to a specific fandom for a while, and tend to read as much as possible on it.  The problem with this is that I tend to love things even long after they are over..such as my obsession at the moment..Battlestar Galactica.  I look just about everywhere to find good, well written stories, especially those involving Starbuck(Kara)/Apollo(Lee) ship stories.  I will admit that mainly have this journal to find stories to various fiction stories...though I honestly can say I'm still figuring out how to use this site..finding what I'm looking for has been a bit of a pain.  Anyways I watched all of my BSG DVD's the other day and ended up having a dream....now I would love, love, love, love if someone would put my idea to paper...or screen as it were.  It basically goes like this...

Ok, I have read some really good New Caprica fics...some have Lee on the surface an Kara n charge of Pegasus, some have her on the surface and the Adamas in charge, but the Admiral ends up on the surface during the occupation, and some have both Kara and Lee on the Pegasus. I thought the other day that I would like to see a story about the rescue from NC being up to Starbuck. Either she and Lee are together on the Peggy and he ends up on the surface for some reason along with the Admiral, while Kara is still on the ship, or he lives on the surface and the Admiral is there for a visit, what ever reason, Kara ends up in charge, and the rescue planning, and running of the Peggy are hers...Maybe have Helo in charge of the Galactica while the Admiral is gone...He and Kara work well together. The main plot is the same...that same bad ass trick with the Galactica, the Peggy destroyed, ect. I would like the story to show the trials of running the ship, Kara struggling with the planning of a seemingly inpossible rescue, her struggle to trust Sharon. While at the same time,I want to see the problems on the surface. No real torture, I dont want a really angsty fic. Kara and Lee HAVE to end up together its your choice if she and Lee married other people, or are together,maybe Lee and Dee have problems during the occupation, ect...but in the end, they have to be together.

MUST HAVE: Kara, still in the military or not, being the one incharge of the Peggy with Helo incharge of the Galactica.
A good showing of Kara's struggles to make a plan that might work, lack of sleep, ect (this is the biggest mission to date, with the most riding on it people, she's not gonna figure it out in a day.)
Sharon being sworn in to the service with Kara stating she will take the blame if anyone has a problem with it
A good showing, good detail of the battle both in space and on the ground
Kara telling Helo and the others her wild plan and Helo saying in a very deadpan voice "they'll never see it coming" and Lee and the others, asking each other if they are seeing right, when they see the Galactica falling out of the sky
Kara and Lee have to end up together

If Lee and Dee are together, even if Lee is a bit mad at Kara, after the fleet jumps away, don't have Lee being an ass...I'm not fond of stories where he is constantly talking trash about her...then 'poof' he's not mad, but suddenly in love with her again, and all of their problems just vanish...it's just not realistic.  Dee can be bitchy, but not overtly so...small comments maybe about how Kara is not very reliable, ect....enough to drive a wedge between her and Lee, but not completely against caracter.  In the show she was kinda passive agressive, and honestly, a bit manipulative of Lee...I honestly just didn't like where they took her character.

I know its alot, and challenges usually dont have this much detail, but I would just really love to see someone write it...I think it could be brillliant if written correctly.  If anyone knows any really good stories please let me know..or email them to me.



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